Monday, November 01, 2010

The Babies Graduated to Cribs

The babies have been happy and content in their little bassinets from May to the end of September (5 months). Cribs were a little over due but we had 6 week premature babies so they lasted a bit longer than most babies AND we were waiting to buy cribs from the Northern Virginia Parents of Multiples (NVPOM) consignment sale, which wasn't until October 2nd. We got REALLY, REALLY nice cribs for $60 each! I love them and the babies love them! They are actually canopy beds but I felt that was too much for the room so we (i.e. Jared) only put up the fore-posts.

So here is the nursery! I have added a few pictures on the wall since but it is finally looking like we have babies in our house. Since I was on bed rest so long and way passed sleep deprived after the babies were home, I wasn't able to get this room really put together the way I wanted. The room is so small...8x10. I was worried the transition from bassinets to cribs would dwarf the already small room BUT I think it is put together in such a way that works for the small space. We have everything in there we need and just enough room to move around. We have never planned on having the babies play in that room so it currently is serving its purpose: sleep, diapering, and story time.

We were nervous that the babies would not like their cribs after being in those tiny bassinets. We feared crying nights! During the crib transition we also were transitioning out of swaddles. It didn't take long to make both transitions. The babies did really well and continued sleeping through the night and during naps. In the following pictures we had just woken the babies up in the morning and placed them in the same crib. They were so happy and were playing with their stuffed animals.

The babies aren't swaddled anymore when they sleep. They love sleeping on their stomachs now and turn over immediately when put in their cribs. When we wake them in the morning of from naps, their cute little bums are always sticking up in the air.